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Training at 5EBI

After a short hiatus due to Covid-19 restrictions, 5EBI’s 77th training course will be commencing on the 15th July 2020.

For 34 years, we have been training South Australian broadcasters from all backgrounds and of all ages. Our courses run twice a year and are always booked out. We teach our volunteers everything they need to know so they can deliver radio programnmes of the highest quality for their community, no matter how inexperienced they may be.

The course in its current format runs for 8 weeks, with a 3 hour workshop on Wednesday evenings and additional autonomous, self-paced weekly practice in one of our production studios, which trainees book at their convenience. The course covers all aspects of broadcasting at 5EBI – theoretical and hands-on – such as Australian media law, national and 5EBI specific broadcast policies, how to prepare and deliver radio programmes of a professional standard, how to operate all our equipment (including our state-of-the-art Elan 12-channel broadcast mixing desks) and in-house audio systems (including our tailor-made 5EBI Message Player), how to produce and present a live programmme on their own and with others, as well as how to produce and edit a sleek pre-recorded radio show using computer software.

Our training course is in very high demand. Contact us now for more information on how to enrol…


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