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Training at 5EBI

For over 30 years, we have been training South Australian broadcasters from all backgrounds and of all ages. We teach our volunteers everything they need to know so they can deliver radio programnmes of the highest quality for their community, no matter how inexperienced they may be.

Our courses cover all aspects of broadcasting at 5EBI – theoretical and hands-on – including Australian Media Law, national Community Radio Codes of Practice and 5EBI-specific policies, how to prepare and deliver radio programmes of a professional standard, how to operate all our equipment (including our state-of-the-art Elan 12-channel broadcast mixing desks) and in-house audio systems (including our tailor-made 5EBI Message Player), how to produce and present a live programme on your own or with others, as well as how to produce and edit a sleek pre-recorded radio show using computer software.

Training at 5EBI is tailor-made to suit individual needs and availability, from a one-off lesson to a three-week course with weekly lessons and autonomous, self-paced practice using our production studios, which trainees book at their convenience.

All our courses are open to anyone who wishes to increase their radio skills in a professional environment (some 5EBI training is compulsory for our volunteers):

5EBI Orientation

Price: FREE (Compulsory for all new 5EBI volunteers)

1 Lesson only (less than 3 hours)

Introduction to Community Radio, Introduction to 5EBI, Tour of Premises, Tour of Studios and Introduction to Panel.


5EBI Responsible Broadcasting

Price: FREE (Compulsory for all new 5EBI broadcasters)

1 Lesson only (3 hours including Assessment)

5EBI Station Policies, OH&S, Basics of Broadcast Law, Codes of Practice for Community Radio, 5EBI Sponsorship Announcements.


Presenting On-Air

Price: $60 per student

2 Lessons (3hr each) + self-paced practice + Assessment

Using the CD Library, Planning a Show (Running Sheets and Scripts), Microphones, Preparation for a Live Studio Show / Studio Etiquette, Presenting and the ‘Radio Voice’.


Operating On-Air

Price: $90 per student (Compulsory to operate 5EBI studio equipment – or proof of equivalence)

3 Lessons (3hr each) + self-paced practice + Assessment

CD/USB Playback, The Broadcast Mixing Panel, Headphones, Microphones, Planning a Show (Running Sheets), Message Player, Advanced Paneling (Auditioning Material Off-Air).



Price: $90 per student

3 Lessons (3hr each) + self-paced practice + Assessment

Pre-Recorded Programmes at 5EBI, Audacity (Recording, Editing, Saving, Exporting /Importing Files), Ripping / Importing Music, Advanced Panelling (Recording Telephone Interviews).


Our training courses are in very high demand. Enrol now!


For more detail, call 8211 7635, email or use our online contact form.

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