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For 5EBI 103.1FM President Juan Paolo Legaspi, 5EBI continues to strengthen its role as the largest multicultural community radio in South Australia that seeks to promote diversity through its programs, services, and people.

Why volunteer for 5EBI 103.1FM?

When I was younger, I wasn’t really sure who I was and I felt the need to learn my native language. When I was about to finish high school, I wanted to learn Filipino a little bit more. What better way to learn Filipino than being forced to speak and understand it. I started volunteering for the Filipino group at 5EBI by helping them with research and translating news. A couple of years later, I started broadcasting with the same group as well.

Why is it important to celebrate diversity?

I think it shouldn’t be considered unusual; it should be considered a natural state of things because that’s the way we’ve always done it.

What is the role of 5EBI 103.1FM in today’s world?

5EBI’s role is to bring the message of diversity, to celebrate it in all shapes and forms, and incorporate it in all sorts of media. Whether it’s radio, online, or social media, we are going to be out there to celebrate different types of cultures, music, ways of life, and perspectives on things. It’s only through discussing these things and talking about it that we’ll truly get a better understanding of each other.

Why is “diversity” important in South Australia?

Mark Twain named Adelaide as the “city of churches” because it has all sorts of denominations, religions, and places of worship in South Australia. Diversity is in our blood and DNA and it’s something we should celebrate on a continuous basis.

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