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Dieter Fabig leads the German Voice at 5EBI Adelaide and also hosts the two-hour Morning Music VItamins show from Mondays to Fridays.

What’s your family’s lineage?

I came straight to Adelaide in 1968 from Hamburg, Germany. In the past, I was running a very successful painting business and I’m now retired. I’m currently enjoying my hobby immensely volunteering here at 5EBI Adelaide.

How long have you been volunteering at 5EBI Adelaide?

It’ll be 40 years by January 2021.

How South Australian are you?

I realise how Australian I am especially when I go for holidays to Germany. I consider South Australia as my home. This is where my family and friends are.

Why volunteer at 5EBI Adelaide?

Radio as a medium is a very interesting one. When I started on the “German Voice” (radio program) back in 1981, the German community here in South Australia was very vibrant. We were all still very young. It was really fun to play German music and share new reports of what’s going on back in Germany. 5EBI was kind of a bridge between Australia and Germany. The German listeners have really supported 5EBI and our programs here.

What does 5EBI Adelaide mean for you?

It is a fantastic bridge to various countries. We have a lot of migrants here in South Australia. I get to know some of them when I play my morning show. I play music from over 40 countries. The phone calls I receive are absolutely outstanding because the listeners are so happy to hear music from their countries and it makes them feel comfortable.

What is the role of 5EBI Adelaide in today’s modern world?

The various migrant communities here, especially the European ones, are aging communities. I see difficulties in the future because there aren’t a lot of migrants coming now from Europe to Australia. I foresee 5EBI Adelaide will eventually transition into playing more Asian and African music because these are still very young communities in Australia.

Why is there a need to celebrate diversity?

It gets us together. It becomes like a massive big family. When I do my morning show, it’s a family environment because we talk to each other. We just love being together.

How is it living here in a multicultural South Australia?

It is very easy. I’ve never had any problems and I get along with everyone. The Australian and migrant communities are very tolerant.

What’s your hope for the future of diversity here in Australia?

I think in Australia in the future can’t do without migration. It is important that migrants come from overseas and they bring so much to Australia as well. When I look back at 1968, Australia was still a sleepy continent and migration has brought so much here. It has become so vibrant now.

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