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Born and raised in France, Guillaume Vetu now calls South Australia home. Three years ago, Guillaume joined 5EBI Adelaide with the primary task of overseeing and helping introduce new methodologies and technology to the radio station.

What’s Life Like Living In South Australia?

In France, I always felt a little bit like a misfit. I align more with the values promoted here in Australia. Also, life is just so much easier here and I love South Australia’s weather. In Normandy where I grew up, it rains 250 days a year. We don’t get blue skies and there are always clouds.

What Does 5EBI Adelaide Mean For You?

There’s something really beautiful about diversity and the engagement among ethnic communities in our programs. I first came to 5EBI Adelaide primarily to volunteer and was quickly hired given my skills as a producer. I realised that I can also help bring 5EBI Adelaide up-to-date with the newest technologies and more modern ways of broadcasting.

What Is The Role Of 5EBI Adelaide In Today’s World?

For over forty years, 5EBI Adelaide has been giving ethnic communities a voice and it has been a platform to share information back to their own local communities. Originally, it has been about communities sourcing news from their home countries but it has now shifted more towards keeping the communities together. And we also continue entertaining everyone such as playing and listening to songs from around the world and having local voices broadcasting in their own languages. 5EBI Adelaide has been great in promoting multiculturalism in South Australia.

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