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With 15 solid years of loyalty and service to 5EBI Adelaide, General Manager Kym Green shares his story and insights on diversity and multiculturalism in South Australia.

Why work for 5EBI Adelaide?

I started in this position 15 years ago and it is probably the best 15 years in my life. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything about the station: its people and their passion. It’s a joy to get up in the morning and to come to work because you meet so many people on a daily basis. We have around 200 people walk through our doors every week. It’s a kaleidoscope of people and cultures. You’re always learning.

How welcoming is the South Australian culture?

5EBI Adelaide plays a major role with new arrivals in South Australia. We are used as a resource centre as well as a broadcaster. People come to ask for information on how the city works, where to go, what they’re going to need, etc.

What’s one of the most interesting facts about 5EBI?

We are one of Adelaide’s best-kept secrets. This is something we’re looking at changing. We want to lift our profile. We want to be a stronger player in the multicultural scene of South Australia.

What is the role of 5EBI Adelaide in today’s world?

The main role is to give ethnic communities and new communities in South Australia a voice. We give them a place where they can connect with their communities.

Why is there a need to celebrate diversity?

Diversity is just a wonderful thing and it should be celebrated at every level. Diversity is the key to South Australia’s multiculturalism. We’re becoming more and more diverse in the various communities themselves. Diversity is a key component of South Australia and 5EBI.

How is it living in a multicultural Australia?

It’s becoming better and better. We’re becoming more equal. It’s not so much anymore about “us” and “them.” We’ve seen how our own indigenous people have been treated over the years. We’re learning from that and we’re learning to accept all nationalities, communities, and languages.

What’s your hope for the future of South Australia when it comes to multiculturalism?

I would like to see South Australia become a leader in multiculturalism, diversity, and ethnic communities in Australia.

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